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250 Perimeter Detection Radar


The most cost effective high performance Perimeter Detection Radar

The SR-250 is a cost effective solution for perimeter detection and protection with superb detection capabilities in all conditions

By utilizing state of the art MIMO & Digital beamforming technology the SR-250 covers an area of over 50,000m² (>12 acres) with a detection range of 250m for walker/vehicle/boat.  Yet, it consumes extremely low power (<3.5W) and has a small form factor. It boasts an ultra-high range resolution of 0.4m, giving it excellent performance in cluttered environments. Its small size, low power consumption and low weight make it simple to install and renders it ideal as a deployable system as well.


Sensor typeHigh res. solid state Ground Based Radar
Detection rangeUp to 50m Drone, 250m Human/Vehicle/Boat
No moving partsMTBF of 50,000 Hours
Built in tracker
Extremely low required bandwidth (<1kbps)
Scan rate
2 scans per second
Azimuth coverage120°
Elevation coverage30°
High Range accuracy< 1m
Azimuth accuracy
Target detection speed0.3 - 30m/sec
48V, 3.5W
System interface
Ethernet, POE - IEEE 802.3at Type 1 (802.3af) &Type 2
Dimensions250mm(w) x 150mm(h) x 59mm(d) / 9.8"(w) x 5.8"(h) x 2.3"(d)
1.5Kg / 3.3 lb
Operating temperature
-40°- +85°C